Branding and Logo Design

We offer race teams distinctive and creative logo design, enabling you to set yourself apart from your competitors, assisting in the development of a strong and exclusive brand image. We can also extend our services in this area to motorsport related companies who wish to develop or enhance their corporate identity.

A strong brand image makes a race team easily identifiable to fans and prospective sponsors, as well as making a company more identifiable to existing and prospective clients/suppliers. Professional branding drives sales and the increased visibility it provides can improve the likelihood of a race team engaging potential sponsors.

We can supply logos in various digital formats (vector and raster) whilst working with you throughout the creative process. Clients can choose either a logo or a fully developed graphic standards manual, which is a guide for you and any third parties as to how to use and manipulate your logo and branding. This can include alternate versions of your logo which may be required depending on output and background, pantone colour references and scalability and distortion factors.

As part of our on-going commitment to you, we will ensure that any associated services we provide are fully aligned with and maintain the strength of, your branding. However, clients should note that when engaging third parties, the strength of the branding may not necessarily be maintained, without a fully developed graphic standards manual.

Prices vary based on client specification (contact the team for a tailored quote). Final product will be supplied in digital format via email/CD. We offer clients the opportunity to make their graphic standards manual available online within our web space, for easy reference by third parties.


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