Graphic Design

With our understanding of graphic design theory twinned with our team’s considerable experience and background in motorsport, we offer clients distinctive paintscheme design and sponsorship renderings which enable them to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Our high impact designs can be unique ‘one-offs’, or be based around your own team branding, external themes or the branding of your existing/prospective sponsors in accordance with their graphic standards manual and/or art department.

It is critically important in any sponsorship proposal to incorporate a high quality rendering. Your rendering will often be the element of the proposal which creates the first impression and conveys to the prospective sponsor the level of professionalism of your team. Our designs have featured prominently in successful sponsorship proposals for our clients because we are able to juxtapose the potential sponsor’s branding requirements with the essence of the race car.

Our flexible approach can provide you with anything from a single side view rendering, through to a full five view painter’s guide. You can also choose to include paintscheme design for transporters/rigs/trailers, support vehicles and helmets, and racewear design as part of your tailored artwork.

Our digitally produced renderings are created such that the images can be translated into formats easily usable by your vinyl signage suppliers.

Prices from 85 GBP or $160 USD(contact the team for a tailored quote). Final product will be supplied in digital format via email/CD, or can be supplied in A3+ hard copy.


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